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C subject

You will enter your life journey with great challenges for your inner self. On this subject, you will meet other teachers who do not normally come to the school, as we draw specific competences for the area into the subject.

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Mental and physical health
D subject

We do exciting exercises where you get to the edge of your comfort zone, do endurance training, collaborate with fun team building activities, ocean swim in the winter on the beautiful Varbjerg Beach and learn to meditate and reflect on your own learning.

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Gender, body and sexuality

This is a subject about process and is – and always will be – in process. Come as you are and learn, debate, reflect on the body – both when it contains pleasure but also when it is confusing and perhaps even painful.

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Here we take a closer look at the body’s functions and the awareness around it, what it can do and what it wants? Body, mind and play go hand in hand. We come across the various boundaries of search, movement and energies via one’s body with a focus on the creative aspects.

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If you notice an imbalance in your body, NADA can help you get back into balance. The small NADA needles or small balls activate areas in your ear that help the body and mind get back on track.

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A subject

The techniques are new, old, traditional and from all over the world. We often work on topics, but if you have special wishes for your learning, you can always have a chat with the teacher about this. There are many possibilities with clay and each individual product is unique.

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A subject

We value the togetherness and the development of ideas, the space for curiosity and playfulness, and for each other’s need for calm and reflection. Joint and individual teaching is available, where you can develop your own technical skills in various artistic methods.

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Danish culture
B subject

This subject is for you who would like to learn Danish or for you who have Danish as a second language. If you are a new Dane or just in the country for a limited period, this is where you can work on your Danish skills at a level that suits you.

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C subject

You will learn the basic skills in sewing on a sewing machine, and you will learn how to print on and dye textiles with different techniques. You gain knowledge about textile production – what is sustainable? – and you will learn how to distinguish between natural and artificial fibres.

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Sustainable construction
A subject

At Brenderup Højskole, we have spent many years specializing in sustainable construction, tiny house and self-supply of energy, etc.

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Herbs and personal care 
D subject

The permagarden plays a big role for us. It is in the permagarden that all our herbs grow. In this subject you will learn about the properties of the herbs and together we make tea mixtures, salves and other good products for our body. You will become your own herbalist.

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Tiny House
A subject

New knowledge has been created, dreams about and the opportunity to live in a home where the environment, future generations. If you want to live both debt-free and in harmony with the climate, the learning process starts here. Come and learn about how to build your own tiny house.

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Perma garden
B subject

We must find the good and sustainable life together. We examine old traditions, but also use, among other things, the principles of permaculture in a creative process towards finding forms of enjoyment that can stand as a worthy alternative to the values ​​of the consumer society.

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Traveling Brendere

Volunteer in Nepal

Throughout the last 15 years, we have had very close relations with Nepal. That’s why you have the opportunity to join a trip where you don’t just see the ususals tourist sights, but actually meet the people and experience the country from the inside.

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Volunteer in Kenya

Over the past few years, we have worked together with our connections in Kenya to start and build both a children’s school and a high school in Cheptigit, which is located in a poor rural district approx. 40 km from the town of Eldoret.

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Study trips (Marokko and Bremen)

Experience the world with Brenderup Højskole.

You can come along to the northwest corner of Africa. On the trip to Morocco, we will smell, taste and feel something completely different from what we are used to in Europe.

For those who is’nt going to Africa, there is another option. You can experience the REAL Bremen on a terrific city expedition.

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Common subjects

Principals’s hour

This is where everything is being discussed and illuminated, the meeting between cultures, the small and big challenges of everyday life. Questions are asked about who we are, why we are here and where we are going. This is also where you take the temperature of our community and evaluate it along the way.

Round About

You will experience many lectures and we meet many different people who come to disrupt our world view. These can be lecturers from outside, but they can also be the teachers you know from your everyday life at school

Yoga evenings

The focus is on flexibility, relaxation and contact with the body. Anyone can participate, as long as you come with an open mind and are willing to participate in the yoga community at the school

Morning assembly

We meet every morning. Sing a song together, listen to a poem, a story or news.

Culture evenings

We take a closer look at our own and each other’s cultures. Through creative tasks, music, film, art, play, dance, food and conversation, we delve into the traditions and values ​​that help create us as people. We become more aware of our own identity and which values ​​we want as a basis for our lives. At the same time, our curiosity and respect towards other cultures and ways of living grows.​​

Contact groups

All students at Brenderup Højskole have a contact person. The purpose is to create a close and safe contact between student and teacher, so that there is always a teacher to go to if challenges arise or you need a good chat. Every week, each contact group meets to discuss a topic or to plan an activity for the whole school.

Discussion group focus on personal development

On Tuesday evenings you have the opportunity to participate in a small discussion group. We would like to give you the opportunity to reflect on yourself, life or the relationships you are in, therefore this discussion group will be led by a teacher. The discussion group meets for an hour every Tuesday evening and there is an opportunity to set your own goals for the future.

Build your own schedule

Schedule example

Half of the time is allocated to your A subject. The A subjects will fit the season of the long stay. So in the winter half the majority of the teaching will take place indoors and in the summer half we will go out and enjoy the Danish weather.

Danish culture are always guaranteed in all subject periods.

The schedule is indicative, and we reserve the right to make changes.

See schedule example for fall 2023

Mentoring and guidance

If you are under the age of 25 and have no education, you have the option of being admitted to the school as a mentor student. This requires that you, together with your UU supervisor, have drawn up an education plan that includes a stay at a Folk High school.

As a mentor student, we offer you extra guidance in addition to the one described above. You will be assigned to one of our teachers who will help you achieve the goals in the education plan. All the school’s teachers are mentor-trained.

Read mere about mentoring and guidance on Brenderup

Project week

The project week gives you the opportunity to work independently on a self-selected topic under the heading of sustainability. The possibilities are many and only you set the limit. You get an insight into the work process from idea phase to project description and to the implementation of the project. During the process, you will be guided by a teacher. We end the week by presenting the projects to each other.


You get good stories and interesting lectures from the school’s teachers. They have exciting things on their minds and are passionate about teaching.

The Folk High school songbook is important to us at Brenderup. We sing every day at the morning assembly. We have singing class every week and the music class often gets the rest of us humming along. The song opens up presence in the community – lyrics and melodies reveal new layers of meaning by using them often.

In team building activities, your ability to work together is put to the test – you become aware of your strengths and gain an insight into where there is still room for development. Your ideas for solving a specific task can often be refined and with the help of the group, the collaboration can move mountains (almost!).

The structure of the subjects

The schedule under neath reperesent how the subjects for each week is. 

When the semester starts, the teachers present the individual subjects and there is an opportunity to ask questions. So you should not make a choice until you are absolutely sure what you are going for.

Uge oversigt

A fag på brenderup højskole A subject          B fag på brenderup højskole B subject           C fag på brenderup højskole C subject          D subject

We have divided a semester into two subject periods, first and second subject period.

Your A subject takes up four blocks, B takes up two and C and D takes up one block. See the breakdown graphic below.

1. Subejct period (first half of the semester)

We make a schedule for the first subject period, where you can choose between two subjects.

Our schedule can change, as the subjects and offer depend on how many students start at the start of the semester and what interests the students have.

2. Subject period (second half of the semester)

Second subject period starts approximately in the middle of the course. Here you have the opportunity to choose the same subjects if you want to immerse yourself even more, or choose completely different subjects, if you want to try as much as possible.

There may also be new exciting B, C and D subjects, depending on what you are interested in.

“We grow as people when we challenge ourselves and take chances”

– Johanna Denning

Do you want a tour of the school?

If you want to experience Brenderup Højskole on Fyn, contact us on phone 64442414 or write your phone number here and let us call you.

On a tour, you can get a sense of what the atmosphere is like at the school, which students live at the school, and if you want, you are also welcome to join us for lunch, or participate in some of the school’s classes. In this way, you get a good insight into what awaits you during your upcoming stay at university.