We make natures materials into beautiful objects

Keramik teknikker
Keramik produkt

The structure of the subject


The diversity of the clay is tested.
Different techniques such as casting, turning and modeling are tested here.

The Japanese firing process “Raku” is introduced.

Themes about jewelery and clay, churches, religion and icons can be included as courses.

It’s all about creating curiosity and a desire to explore the diversity of clay.

– To be introduced to different burning techniques.

– To be presented with different types of clay and working techniques.

– Learning about glazes and glaze mixes.

– To create joy in and believe in one’s own creativity and sense of shapes and colors.

– To design and develop idea to product. 

– To produce something you can use in your own everyday life.


The teaching takes place over 2-3 teaching times per week.

The subject is predominantly practical with teaching in techniques, methods and theoretical presentations on different ways of working with clay.

Emphasis is placed on getting around the following topics.

– Material knowledge

– Glaze

Different forms of burning

– Sculpture/installations

– Shape and Color theory

– Idea development – ​​personal expression

– Development of motifs and ideas etc

– Presentations and discussions about form and expression

Lene weigelt

Meet the teacher

Lene Weigelt
Lene is the school’s design woman. She has a good eye for the world of art and she is good at colors everything from pink to brown, the palette is large.


Lene weigelt