Gender, body and sexuality

Krop og sind

Outdoor og adventure
Køn, krop og seksualitet
Rappelling på højskoleophold

The structure of the subject


YES! Lets talk about sex! Lets talk about sexuality and sensuality! Lets work with gender and gendernorms! Lets relate to this body of ours that can be a container of great pleasure and can be just as big a source of confussion and even pain.

This is a subject in progress and will always be. I will create the overall map but we will create the paths together as we go!


This course will consist of a combination between presentations of the themes by me, research done by you, group talks, debates, bodily exercises, small aktivism projects and solo reflection time. My most important goal is to create a safe and trustworthy environment for us to dive into these themes.

All of it is optional and does not require any prerequisites.
– come as you are, as they say!

Mikkel Schmidt

Meet the teacher


Nina has an education in psychologi and physical therapy specializing in sexology. In addition, she loves playing around and movement geek, so when she sets the ground rules it is always with a great joy, play and sensuality incorporated

Mikkel Schmidt