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Feel the world with Brenderup Højskole

Brenderup Højskole in the world

We love to travel and be inspired by the culture of other countries and take the experiences home to Brenderup.

During long stays at Brenderup Højskole, you can choose to join one of the school’s two study tours.
The two study trips go to Germany and Morocco.

henna i marokko
Surf i marokko

Marokko study trip

The trip

We will live locally and follow the cooking where we eat. We are going to the market, in the mountains, out surfing and just let ourselves be carried away by this exciting country.

Those who are interested in art should work with ceramics, but if you are more into building, we look at the local ancient traditions of building with clay and lime in beautiful colours.

It’s a chance to travel in a new way, where we dive right into the heart of the culture together with a new group of friends that you brought with you from school.

Program example

Village Day
Breakfast – Lunch and then we go for a walk outside the walls through the village and out into the fields. We live in the middle of an agricultural area with fields, plantations and greenhouses – back in the house we eat lunch – in the afternoon we have to help with the cooking (tagine and bread baking) and see how Argan oil is made – Dinner and relaxation.

Subject day
Breakfast – the construction team must learn how to make TADELAKT and other construction – the art/design team must make pictures together with a local artist – Dinner

Atlantic Day
Breakfast – we drive to the Atlantic Ocean to surf – lunch – we enjoy the beach with swimming, camel ride and fun. In the afternoon we drive to Kasbat Souss, which is an artisan market where you can see how different crafts are made. Eating late dinner.

Local day
Breakfast – We drive to the nearby town of Oulad Teima (5 min drive). A very local and authentic town in this area. There is an ordinary market, tailors who sew what you want, mountains of spices, nuts, vegetables etc. – we will go to the hamam, the public bathhouse, where we will be scrubbed – lunch – in the afternoon some visit the local weaver while others build – dinner.

Mountain day
Breakfast – Departure from the house at 9. We are going on a trip to the Atlas Mountains. We drive a few hours along increasingly winding roads to Immouzzer. Here we meet Ali and hike for about 1 1/2 hours. Eat sandwiches brought and see if we come up with more – dinner

Which teachers will go?

Martin Burlund, Lene Weigelt and Birgitte Weidenhof

museum i bremen
sightseeing i bremen

A terrific big city expedition

Germany study trip

The trip

Germany hides many stories.

We have been to Bremen where the cathedral, the town hall and the Roland statue go back to the 17th century, when faith and the power of the church were challenged by the common man and the people’s will to decide for themselves. Therefore, in the square you can experience this history, this power struggle and the unique atmosphere that exists in this place. Beneath the square you will find the German wine cellar, because this is where Germany stores the very best white wines from all over the country. Here you come down and taste the delicacies and hear about the history behind this cellar under the city.

Program example

Travel day
Train to Bremen, where we use the time to play, have fun and eat packed lunches.
We arrive in Bremen. We go for a walk and have dinner together.

Guided Tour
We get a guided tour in the center where we see the cathedral and the Town hall, among other things.
We eat dinner together, and afterwards there will be a tour of Ratskeller.

Bunker Valentin
We take a trip north of Bremen where the Valentin bunker is located.
We go back to Bremen for dinner.
In the evening we visit the Kunsthalle Museum.

Klimahouse Museum
We are going on a full-day trip to Bremerhaven to visit the Klimehouse Museum.
We have lunch here, and go on a harbor cruise afterwards.
Here in Bremerhaven there will be some free time until dinner, when we eat together on the ship Salondampfer Hansa.

Which teachers will go?

Birgitte Weidenhof