Tiny House

Grønne fingre

we have the ability to dream

Byg et tiny house

We emphasize desire, responsibility and community

tiny house
Tiny house

The structure of the subject


Maybe you have a dream. A dream of a small house in nature. A dream of the simple life without too much hustle and bustle. A dream of building your own house and decorating it beautifully and simply.

Then the dream meets a harsh reality. How much does it cost, can you live in it, where can you put it and, finally how can you build a house? 

But don’t be intimidated by the brutal face of reality! On the course “Tiny House” we will guide you through the process from dream to reality.

We are out in the fresh air except when it rains, then we design and build models.

Maybe we can’t help you all the way to your own dream, but we can help you on your way!

Maybe we can even help you with an individual project that you are passionate about.


We have fun while we:

  • Building a Tiny House that complies with the rules of the Danish Building Regulations (BR 18).
  • Works with how to use hand tools and power tools in a safe and secure way!
  • Designs and builds a small model of a cardboard Tiny House
  • Works with interior design in a Tiny House.

We review the principles of building with:

  • Use of wood
  • Sustainable materials
  • Organic insulation (paper, straw, hemp, flax, wood fiber, etc.)
  • Sheets of organic matter.
  • Inorganic materials in construction.
  • Vapor barrier versus steam brake.
  • Protection in relation to moisture, mold, rot etc.
  • Review of the principles of climate-friendly heating.

Meet the teacher

Mikael Skensved

Mikael has worked with construction all his life. He has built bridges, he has drilled wells, he has built houses in the Norwegian mountains, he has dug sewers in the suburbs of Copenhagen.

Right now, he lives in a Tiny House with his wife while he is building a not-so-tiny house in hempcrete.

Mikael enjoys working with people as much as he does with construction, so he thinks it’s perfect to be a teacher on this course.