Everyday life at Brenderup Højskole

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A day on the Folk High school

At Brenderup Højskole, community is the focus and therefore we are together both during lessons, at meals and in our free time. It is our believe that a Folk High school is something that takes place all the time, and everyone at the school, both the students and the staff, gets involved in it.

Much of what goes on at the school is organized by the students themselves, e.g. morning assemblies, lectures, parties and cultural evenings. It is only the students themselves who set limits on which activities should be included in the program.

Our music rooms and workshops are open all evening and at weekends, and many students spend a large part of their free time in the common rooms, the music house, the re-design workshop or the ceramics and art room.

Brenderup Højskole is a place where there is room for zest for life, curiosity, wonder and reflection.

Everyone can participate, regardless of educational background, to learn more about life and themselves.

We believe that through morning assemblies, joint subjects, lectures and debates, people are formed and precisely for this reason, these joint subjects are also prioritized throughout a semester at the school.

It is the students who are largely involved in the planning and execution of the many good ideas that often arise. It could, for example be winter bathing, parties, movie nights, sauna and bonfire evenings, runs to the water, or skydiving.

Experience the danish hygge

Every week the school has “Round about” and contact teacher groups on the schedule. Here, students have the opportunity to organize joint activities or discuss current topics.

At dinner there are announcements to everyone and here the students are always good at giving information about joint trips planned by the students themselves. There is always room for everyone.

Få tilskud til højskoleophold på brenderup højskole
Fester på højskolen


Parties are held both by the school and by the students themselves. When the school throws a party, it takes place in the dining hall or under the beech in the garden, because we have Denmark’s most beautiful and perhaps the largest hanging beech in the garden. We cover up with tablecloths and flowers and sing a sea of ​​songs from the Folk Highs school songbook. If the students have a party, it is usually in the cinema or in Grandma’s room.

fester og fælleskab på brenderup højskole

The meals are an important part of the community

It is important for us to create a calm and respect around the meals. Therefore, the food is presented, and we enjoy it together in the dining room, with a focus on togetherness and conversation.

Here, the digital world through our phones is not welcome. We want to focus on the conversation in the room and not through a screen when we eat together.

arrangement kulturaften

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Enjoy the world with ‘Brendere’

We love to travel and be inspired by the culture of other countries and take the experiences home to Brenderup.

During long stays at Brenderup Højskole, you can choose to join one of the school’s two study tours.

The two study trips goes to Germany and Morocco.