Stationvej 54, 5464 Brenderup


Facilities at Brenderup HØJSKOLEN

This is how BRENDERUP HØJSKOLE looks.

Our folk high school is for all.

Everyone should have a good time at our folk high school. We have arranged the folk high school so that you feel safe and at home. We have sustainable premises where you can unfold your talent and be with like-minded people from all over the world. Rooms for meetings and lectures and cozy nooks to relax in both outside and inside.

The main building is Brenderup’s old inn, so the place’s soul and history goes back a long way, and you can not fail to notice it when you enter through our front door. In 1911, it was extravagant to be able to strap the cart from under the roof and wild luxury with so many indoor bathrooms and toilets on every single floor. We do what we can to preserve the original architecture and atmosphere.

Since the foundationwe have expanded, included and added buildings, so you can now experience the story from the dream of industrialization and to become part of the railway network to the dream and sustainability and to become independent of the network.

Room for it all

The folk high school has facilities for every conceivable activity. Both in everyday life and when we receive guests and set the framework for events from the outside.


In our sustainable straw house we meet for many events: Lectures, morning gatherings, concerts etc. The straw house is also used for teaching.



Here we hold morning gatherings and meetings. There are also classes and lectures. Here is also a nice grand piano.



In the dining room we eat together three times a day, and here we also give messages.


In the garden room there are many windows and view of the garden. The room is used for Danish classes and other academic subjects.



The school rooms are very different. Here is a couple of examples. 


The gymall is used for various things: gymnastics, yoga and other physical things. But also for parties and concerts.

Room for creativity

The creatve workshops are new, furnished and equipped with what it takes to provide the optimal framework for your creativity.


The art room is always open. Here you can draw and paint and release all the creative things you have in you.



In this room we work with fabric, felting, basketry and redesign.



The new beautiful bright music room has everything you need: good instruments, studio for recording, microphones etc.

Beautiful setting

The garden is marked by the place’s long life from before Brenderup Højskole held its entrance. Like a large old park, it is surrounded by huge, ancient trees. Since then, carved wooden sculptures and sustainable buildings have been added.


Here there is a workshop space and a fire place under the roof, for when it rains.



Here we hold classes in sustainability and permaculture.


Here, past and present meet in buildings and planting.

Room for presence

Both inside and out, you will find the opportunity to relax or immerse, alone or with the others.


Here we have fun and talk or play board games.



Here you can relax and read the newspaper or have fun with friends and play games and read books.


Here we have fun with billiards, table football and other fun things with each other.