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Unique highschool with a view to the world

Meet yourself and the whole world at Brenderup Folk High School. Travel the wide world to Nepal, play world music or design beautiful things from recycled materials. Learn about permaculture and build sustainably.

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We are looking forward to meeting you.”

At Brenderup Folk High School, we have literally drawn the world into the house. Here you can meet young people from all over the world. The teaching is based on this difference – or similarity if you will. Your life, your interests seen in the eyes of others. It shifts your prejudices, gives you a new perspective and personal competencies that follow you for the rest of your life.

We live together the months we are in high school. We eat together, do projects together, go on study trips and day trips together, inhale culture together, party together and get tired together.

Sustainable Construction

Global music

Danish Language and culture

Nature, herbs & cultivation





Mental and physical health

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International high school

We invite students from all over the world.

Build friendships

Across borders, culture and language.

Personal development

Professional immersion and teaching.

Organic food

Sustainability strategy

Refugees at folk high school

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