Social sustainability

Grønne fingre

The structure of the subject


    You will be strengthened in your knowledge and relationship with social sustainability.
    The purpose of the teaching is to make visible opportunities to get involved and actively participate in the strengthening of social sustainability.

    It will give you the desire and courage to test your own ideas nthat strengthen social cohesion and societal cohesion.


    In class, we will make presentations and brainstorm, have dialogues and go on exusions with a focus on fieldwork.

    You come as you are, with your own culture, knowledge, curiosity and initiatives.


    Meet the teacher

    Karin Ottosen

    Karin is a trained psychologist with a particular interest in group dynamics and inclusive communities. Social sustainability is therefore a high priority on her agenda. Karin has traveled a lot due to a deep interest in different cultures and people’s life stories.