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NATURe, body & health

Nature, body and health


Garden, forest and beach – we have beautiful surroundings that give us ample opportunity to enjoy nature and to walk, run, bike, fish, light bonfires and harvest wild food in nature’s pantry.

In nature we can be present right here and now.
The more we learn about and sense nature, the more animals and plants we know, the better we understand that we are part of nature and the fine ecological balance.

Exercise and green, sustainable food give us well-being and energy.

Outdoor living

We must be in and immerse ourselves in nature.

We must sense nature and learn to enjoy being outside in all kinds of weather.

We must reflect on man’s connection to nature and understand the value and ecology of nature.



Basic outdoor life, hiking, biking, bushcraft, gathering, cooking, camping and games.



Equipment and clothing, orientation – map and compass theory, trip planning, knowledge of species, nature communication, safety, nature views and ethics.

Slow Food

With healthy and fresh ingredients, we cook from scratch.

We focus on taste, seasons and sustainability.

We gather in nature and gardens.

We examine what healthy and sustainable food is and look at what food production means for the earth’s ecological balance.


We pickle berries, fruits and vegetables. We bake bread and cakes, and make sourdough. We dry herbs and fruit. We ferment vegetables. We make wonderful dishes with beans and lentils. And all with lots of flavor!


Sustainability in food production, nutrition, digestive system, raw materials and seasons.



We warm up the body, stretch and stretch out. The whole body is worked through.

Your body becomes more supple and stronger, and you learn to use the breath in both exhalation and relaxation, so that tension and relaxation become deeper.

We end with a long and deep relaxation.



Sports and games

The body moves. We walk, run, play – you yourself help to set speed and level, and there is room for everyone, regardless of whether you have played sports before.
We train varied, make sure your heart rate rises and you get sweat on your forehead.


The activities can be:

Running, crossfit, volleyball, bouncer ball, floor hockey, ultimate and basketball.