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kenya - Travelling with the brenderup folk high school

Travelling to Kenya


When the folk high school stay in Brenderup ends, you board the plane to Nairobi with a group of the other students.

In recent years, we have worked with our connections in Kenya to start and build both a primary school and a folk high school in Cheptigit, which is located in a poor rural area approx. 40 km from the town of Eldoret.

Here we meet Caroline, who is an old student at Brenderup Folk High School, and has the opportunity to join a trip where you not only see the sights, but actually meet the people and experience the country from the inside.

The trip starts right after the semester and gives you the opportunity to help as a volunteer in a place where it is really needed and where it makes sense.

We offer you a cultural trip and not just a safari.

A trip where you meet Kenya and not just the other tourists.

At the school in Brenderup

Brenderup Højskole and the local association in Brenderup Projekt Cheptigit Primary School, work closely together on the the development of the school projects.

In Brenderup you will meet the association, help plan your work and learn about the area, the schools and the culture and maybe Caroline, our local contact will stop by and tell you about how things are right now.

No matter how hard you punch the keyboard, there are problems in the world that can not be fixed on Facebook, so the actual work, both practical and with yourself, takes place in Rift Valley province in central Kenya.


In Cheptigit, we work with Caroline, who herself was a student at Brenderup Folk High School and has now returned to Kenya.

There are many tasks and challenges both with construction and the school work itself, so any effort is important to the locals.

Be it the adults who can use the folk high school to get education, like when the Danish folk high school movement gave the rural population the opportunity to learn new and more, as well as the very young children who start school when they are 3½ years old, if their parents can afford it and there are classrooms for them by the way.




The Perma gardens

One of the important projects is to make permaculture gardens together with a group of local women so that self-sufficiency can be ensured. The financial conditions are very changeable, so being able to provide the children with food every day is a big thing. The crops are not the same as in Denmark, but the principles can be transferred, both in the planning and in the practical work.

Here you get a unique opportunity to experience the real cultural exchange, when people from two cultures with widely differing economic and technological starting points learn from each other and achieve common results. You definitely leave as a wiser person and have learned about the simple life we are trying to invent in the West, from people who have never tried anything else, while hopefully you yourself have given something further.


Cheptigit Primary School

Cheptigit Primary School is a primary school with around 500 students from baby class to 9th grade.

Since the start of the project, several new classrooms have been built and work has been done on electricity and water supply. The school leader has hired an experienced construction manager as well as unemployed parents and former students to carry out the work, so that more families get an income in this way.

Although work has been done on the buildings since 2009, there is still a lot of work to be done to make it possible to teach both children and adults who have not yet started.

The good thing about being on site and doing work with those who need the facilities is that we are sure that our work effort is actually what is most needed and not something we have made up on a rainy day 6000 km. away.


Practical information

The Kenya trip is in extension of the semester and is 6 weeks.

After the spring semester, there is a departure immediately after the semester ends and after the autumn semester, there is a departure one of the very first days of the new year.

Since we do not make this trip to make money, the price is very dependent on the price of airline tickets.




Ole Dedenroth