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How to put together your schedule


At Brenderup Folk High School, there is a large selection of subjects and opportunities.

We compile the weekly schedule according to the students’ wishes. So no two semesters are alike.

The choice is yours!





How to choose.

On the website you can read about the many subjects you can choose at the folk high school.

Once you have registered, you will get the opportunity to indicate which subjects interest you the most. And when all students have had this opportunity, the weekly schedule will be compiled so that as many as possible can get exactly what they want.

When the semester starts, the teachers present the individual subjects and there is an opportunity to ask questions.

So you do not have to make choices until you are absolutely sure what it is you are getting into.



A-, B-, C- og D-subjects

Each week is divided into 9 subject blocks.

Your A-subject fills four, B and C fill two each and your D-subject one block. In addition, small fixed blocks with special activities can be laid.

The A-subjects are always Sustainable Construction, Art and Music.

The subject Danish is also always guaranteed as a B-subject.

The other B, C and D subjects are created according to the students’ wishes. If there are many who want both Art and Sustainable Construction, an extra class can be created as a B-subject. If there is a great interest in permaculture, further classes within the subject can be created, focussing on special themes within. And if there are subjects that no one is interested in, there is of course no reason to pressure anyone to take it, just to have it on the schedule.

Here you see an example of a shedule for a period as it could look.




Two subject periods

Approximately in the middle of the course, subject period two begins. Here you have the opportunity to choose the same subjects if you want to immerse yourself even more or completely differently, if you want to try as much as possible, or if you have become curious about talking to your fellow students about what is happening in their subject.

You decide.