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the cultural meeting

The Cultural Meeting



At Brenderup Højskole, young people from all over the world meet.

Our everyday life and teaching is based on this unique and colorful encounter between different cultures, where we discover each other’s similarities and differences.

Your life and your interests will have the eyes of others fixed on them. It shifts your prejudices and gives you new perspectives on how life is lived in other countries and cultures.

Your intercultural competencies are strengthened, and a stay at Brenderup Højskole is a good starting point for travel or volunteer stays abroad.

The cultural meeting is a big part of the core of our common subject. 


Culture evening

We take a closer look at our own and each other’s cultures.

Through creative tasks, music, film, art, play, dance, food and conversations, we dive into the traditions and values ​​that help to create us as human beings.

We become more aware of our own identity and of the values ​​we want as the basis of our lives. At the same time, our curiosity and respect for other cultures and ways of living is growing.


The teacher dives into and tells about a topic or an experience she / he is passionate about. It can be art, nature, sustainability, travel and life stories.



Morning assembly

We meet every morning. Sing a song together, hear a poem, a story or news.


We sing together one night a week. Singing strengthens the community – we breathe at the same time, open the heart, and words and tones connect us.
We use the high school songbook and other songs from around the world.


The principals hour

Here, life, the meeting between cultures, the small and big challenges of everyday life are turned around and illuminated. Questions are asked about who we are, why we are here and where we are going.