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The trip

​When the long stay on Brenderup comes to an end, you join a group of other students on the plane to Kathmandu.

Throughout the last 15 years, we have had very close relations with Nepal. That’s why you have the opportunity to join a trip where you don’t just see the sights, but actually meet the people and experience the country from the inside.

The trip starts right after the semester ends. We have created a complete program that brings you deep into the culture and at the same time also gives you the opportunity to help as a volunteer.

On the trip after the spring semester, it is possible to go on an extraordinary trekking trip right up above the clouds to Everest base camp.

Before we arrive in South Asia

We have had more than 50 Nepali students over the last 10 years. Some of them you will meet and they will take you deep into the Tibetan Buddhist culture.

​On Brenderup you will meet both students from Nepal, but also some of the students who were in Nepal in January – March this year. Together we will prepare for the Folk High school, but the profound cultural education lies in Nepal – together with Dechen and Dhindu – from the first gong sound from the neighboring monastery to the cozy early evenings in good company.


We are based in the district of Boudha, which is the center of Tibetan Buddhism in Kathmandu. Here is the world’s largest stupa, and a sea of ​​monasteries. Here we also have an apartment that we use as a teaching room and you will live at Seshen Monastry. It is a large Tibetan monastery, located very close to the Boudha stupa and our apartment – this is where you will live.

You will all later go on the trip to Sermathang, which lies at the top of the Helambu valley with the border to Tibet. Most of our friends are connected to Sermathang or Helambu and they are all Buddhists. Therefore, it is natural for us to show you that culture the most. This does not mean that we do not see Hindu culture. It is everywhere and 80% of Nepal’s population is Hindu.

Dechen Lama – Dechen is our teacher, liaison, coordinator and more in Kathmandu. Dechen was a student at Brenderup Højskole, and has worked for us for several years. She takes care of all the practical things and teaches you what to do…and what not to do! Dechen lives ten steps from our apartment.

The voluntary work

Manjushree School
In boudha, very close to the apartment, there is a small school with mainly Tibetan, Sherpa and Yolmo children. Some of the children live at the school after their homes were destroyed in the great earthquake of 2015.

The school is called Manjushree School, and there we have an agreement on volunteer work. It can be anything from painting to helping with homework, sports or the like. It will typically be an afternoon activity.


During the trip, you will go up into the mountains to the village of Sermathang. Here is the ‘world’s highest Folk High school’ – and perhaps also the smallest. But certainly with the most beautiful view imaginable.

In the village is also the friendship house, which we built for approx. 8 years ago. Here you will learn about life in the village and you will also work as volunteers both with maintenance tasks at the friendship house and with various tasks at the school.

We have many plans, and the biggest one is about making a new path, over approx. 200 meters should connect our friendship house with the village better than now.

​You will also get to live in our friendship house.

There will also be a two-day trek to the top of Yangri Peak at a mere 4000 m.

Dhidu Lama – Dhidu is our contact person in Sermathang village. Dhindu lives in the village with his wife and two children. He has also been to Brenderup – not as a student, but on a longer stay. Dhidu has been the coordinator for Brenderup højskole’s project up in Sermathang for many years.

Summer trekking in the Himalayas

As part of the trip after the spring semester, there is the option of an alpine trek to Kalar Patar, close to Everest base camp.

Kalar Patar is a small mountain at an altitude of 5,643 meters. It is situated with the most wonderful views of many of the world’s largest mountains.

You will be able to look down on the Everest base camp, which is located where the Khumbu glacier becomes the Everest icefall.

​The trip takes approx. 16 days with hiking almost every day. You hike from approx. 1000m to the top of Kalar Patar. It requires you to be in reasonably good shape, and you can of course train for that at the school before you leave.

The trip is also beyond the usual budget, so it is an option and has a small extra cost. It costs to go to the national park. There are guides with and people to help with a bit of everything and of course food and accommodation.

Nima Lama – Nima Lama organizes this tour. Nima is our oldest friend and was a student at Brenderup Højskole in 1998. Now he has a trekking company and works with it. Nima is now also a Member of Parliament and can pull many strings for us if necessary.


The trip to Nepal for the spring team lasts 4 weeks and costs DKK 7,500. We will leave after the semester in June.

The trip to Nepal on the autumn team lasts 8 weeks and costs DKK 14,000. We will leave after the semester in January.

The price does not cover the flight, vaccinations, insurance, personal purchases or drinks.

– Of course, everything depends on how many people want to join. But no matter which tour you choose, you can count on having an experience completely out of the ordinary.

Read more about the prices for the long stay.

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